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Tiffany Banton - Performing Artist

If you've ever heard anyone talk about an all round performer, they may well have been talking about Tiffany Banton!


Having developed a love of performing when barely out of preschool, Tiff has developed her skill across every facet of the performing arts. Her credits range from dance recitals, stage musicals and singing appearances to dramatic performances on the stage.


In her own words...

"I have performed on the Stage from the age of three, it's my passion! I was involved in Calisthenics for 10 years, as it was all that was available on Kangaroo Island. I was selected in the State teams as a junior and an intermediate which meant travelling to Adelaide every weekend for two years. I believe this sport has helped mould me into the person I am. From a young age it taught me, dedication, commitment, precision, the ability to work with a team plus of course confidence. I am known for my flexibility, dedication, motivation and quirky sense of humour."

"Originally a country girl, I was born on Kangaroo Island. I was very lucky to receive a three year scholarship from year 10 to 12 with Scotch College in Adelaide where I was a boarder enjoying subjects that once I could only have dream about. Studying all forms of Dance, Jazz, Modern, Ballet and Tap and was a member of the Choir and the Roulettes a singing group and Musical Theatre."

Grey Adelaide Stage Show

"Since leaving Kangaroo Island I have been able to pursue other forms of dance and musical theatre, Circobats a form of Circus and Acrobatics. I love acting, singing, and dancing. The dance forms I have learned are Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Tap. I also play Netball and Basketball and enjoy swimming, something that I also enjoy teaching in the school holidays."


Whether singing, dancing, acting or working on choreography, Tiffany's commitment to performing is absolute. She loves to challenge herself in new areas and even participated in the Auditions for Australian Idol in 2007-2008.


Tiffany demonstrated her dramatic talent in Grey at Noarlunga's Hopgood Theatre in 2010. Her outstanding performance in this extremely challenging production earned her special mention for her characterisation of the character 'Black'. For Tiff, the role was even more demanding as she was responsible for choreographing the part in addition to delivering an outstanding dramatic performance.


Grey Adelaide Stage Show

There is no doubt that audience members will return to the theatre in coming years to follow Tiffany's future dramatic outings.


Tiffany's high energy talent as a singer and dancer has seen her chosen for roles in a number of South Australian Stage productions, including All Shook Up and Lest We Forget.





Short Film
Feb 2009 'The Mourning of Juliette Monfries' Producer Joshua Hackett,
role as extra party scene


2006 Totally Wild Channel 10, role as extra Interviewed
2005 Couch Potato Channel 9, role as extra Interviewed


2010: Musical 'All Shook Up' as Henrietta and chorus dancer Directed by Matt Byrne
2010: Drama 'Grey' character 'Black', Dance choreographed by Tiffany Banton
and Directed by Maria Davis, House of Jester Productions SA
2009: Musical 'The Pirate Ship' as Tania, Urban Myth Adelaide Producer Glenn Hayden
2008: Drama 'The good doctor' as Sexton and Saylor, Producer Chris Reynolds
2008: Musical "Grease" as Jan, Producer Chris Reynolds
2008: Drama 'The Art of Dining' as Elisabeth. Producer Chris Reynolds
2007: Musical – 'Our Day Out' as Jackie, Producer Chris Reynolds
2007: Musical 'Pirates of Penzance' as Isobel, Producer Chris Reynolds
2007: Musical 'Little Shop of Horrors' chorus, Japanese man, Producer Chris Reynolds


Solo Performance

2011 Sang solo at the Kangaroo Island Australia Day Celebrations at the Kingscote Museum. National Anthem Advance Australia Fair and Waltzing Matilda

2009 Sang solo at the Kangaroo Island Australia Day Celebrations at the Kingscote Museum. National Anthem Advance Australia Fair and I Still Call Australia Home
2008: Sang solo at a wedding at Port Elliot South Australia Up Where we Belong, You're The Inspiration and Don't know Much.
2008: Sang solo at the first Birthday celebrations for Rustic Blue Gallery. Kangaroo Island Grace and Gratitude.
2008: Sang solo at the Kangaroo Island Australia Day Celebrations at the Kingscote Museum. National Anthem Advance Australia Fair and Waltzing Matilda.
2007: Angel with Santa in the Kangaroo Island Christmas Pageant and sang
Christmas Carols for half an hour before and after the pageant in Kingscote.
2007: Chamber and Concert Choir and Quartet singing group The Soulettes.


Professional Development
2009: Master Class with Mathew Robinson Festival Theatre
2009: Acting Master class with Wizzy Evans
2008: The Academy at Scotch College, Year 12 Drama
2007: Awarded a Scholarship to attend NIDA 2007 Acting to Camera classes.
2007: The Academy at Scotch College, Musical Theatre, and Stage Makeup.
2007: Scene to Screen with Wizzy Evans
2007: Awarded a Scholarship to attend NIDA 2007 Acting Technique classes.
2006: Professional Development weekend with Actors Ink


Tiffany's list of credits is already extensive, and yet she is still a very young performer. Without doubt, this list of credits will continue to grow and you should return from time to time to catch up on Tiff's latest achievements.


Tiff's South Australian Agent is Adelaide Artists Agency. For a glimpse of her many past roles you can visit her profile on Starnow and view her video Show Reel, or take a look at her profile on Showcast.


From "Grey" Director Maria Davis...

"Tiffany's role of the black is a very physically demanding role because she appears on stage for about 95% of the show. The black is an interesting character or creature I should say, it can be likened to the wind or water or fire its purpose is to manipulate the dolls which live in the Grey realm. Charlotte finds herself in the Grey realm shortly after her father dies, while visiting this realm Charlotte meets the living versions of her childhood dolls, wind up doll Portia, string puppet Touro and jack in a box clown Daylon. Charlotte can not see the black but can see the black smears on hers and her dolls clothing, these black marks appear whenever a character is deeply affected by their own emotions, this element of the show gives Tiffany a great opportunity to dance and move in black paint adding an abstract and interesting medium to create with."


Tiffany choreographed and performed this special presentation for 'Comet'


Australian Idol Auditions at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre



all shook up


Jail House Rock dance cast from All Shook Up


From "All Shook Up" Director Matt Byrne...

"Tiffany won the part of Henrietta and proved a real powerhouse in the ensemble with her big voice and energetic dancing"

"Tiffany is a real fireball of fun and her infectious personality and love for the stage made her a valuable member of the All Shook Up ensemble."

"Mitchell and Tiffany have really done their families and Kangaroo Island proud with the enthusiastic approach to their work."


Tiffany and fellow Islander Mitchell Geci pictured with Director Matt Byrne at the "All Shook Up" After Party

"I needed for this role not just someone who could move really well but also someone who could work alongside myself and the cast members in a very creative way, I'm the kind of director that strongly believes in co collaboration with my performing artists."

"Tiffany is a very talented dancer and choreographer, her ability to work extremely well with the cast makes my job a lot easier. Her personality brings a fantastic mix to the character of Black, she has approached this role fearlessly and worked independently as well as collectively to bring this most interesting character to life."